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  • The Value of Command Center – Looking for Feedback

    I created Command Center three years ago. Originally I created it solely for myself and later I mentioned it to a few friends and set them up. About two years ago I did a major overhaul and opened it up to the public. Since then it’s grown substantially in terms of what it features and…

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  • Tutorial: Unit Breakdown & Dividers

    I’ve been asked this more than once so I thought a tutorial was in order. I’m talking about how to list out a unit that has additional elements to it like a Command Squad, Platoons or even standard units that have Sergeants or Nobz, etc. First let me say that there’s no wrong way to…

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  • Update: v2.3.0 (Update)

    I mentioned last week that I was working on updating Command Center in preperation for Warhammer 40K 6th edition. For now I’m done and things are ready. Like everyone else I’ll have the rulebook in my hands this weekend, hopefully tomorrow, but I won’t have time this weekend for updating Command Center and it will…

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  • Preparing for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition

    You’ll notice new things popping up as I prepare Command Center for the release of Warhammer 40K 6th edition. I’ll cover everyone once I’m done in the release notes but what has been done thus far is pretty self-explanatory and you’ll see it when creating a roster. Of course, I won’t know for sure exactly…

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  • Update: v2.2.2

    I had asked for some feedback on features you’d all like to see and Nick responded with a suggestion. So, this update is mostly putting his suggestion in place and addressing a few other things.

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