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  • Site Updates in Progress

    Just a heads-up in case you notice things not working correctly. I’m working on optimizing my code, IE: speeding things up, and I may screw something up and create bugs as a result. So, if you see something not behaving right, throwing an error, whatever, then please leave me a comment here letting me know…

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  • Command Center: v2.6.0 & Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.6

    The previously mentioned updates are complete. This update addresses allies and some items I’ve wanted to work on for a while but didn’t have the time to do. I’ll be doing some more work on Battle Tome soon to finally polish that off and move it to v1.0.0 and out of beta. Meanwhile, here’s what…

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  • Updates in Progress

    Over the next few days I’ll be applying some updates to Command Center and Battle Tome. Hopefully I don’t leave anything incomplete and non-functional between the times I get to program but bear in mind it may happen. You may also see features come up that don’t seem to do anything, again depending on what…

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