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  • Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.5

    Damn it’s been a while. I’m still here and I finally got some time to work on Battle Tome a bit more. Just a few small updates to mention. Nothing huge but all these small adjustments keep adding up!

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  • Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.4

    A few more small items for Battle Tome. Getting close to being done. Of course it’s never really done but at least it’s close to a stage of completion.

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  • Command Center: Update v2.5.0 (In the Works)

    Wanted to give a heads-up regarding the latest update I’m working on. I will be altering how the data is stored on units in regards to primary army and allies. I’ll explain more later but in preparation for this I’ve done some updating. You’ll notice on the roster sheet that there’s a check box now…

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