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  • Battle Tome: Beta 1.0.0

    I had mentioned earlier last month that I was working on a new feature for the site called Battle Tome. Battle Tome will be an addon for Command Center where you can log all your 40K games. Well, I have it ready for beta testing.

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  • A New Feature in the Works: Battle Tome

    I’ve begun working on adding in a feature that I’ve long debated putting in. The feature is a gaming record tracker that I’m going to dub Battle Tome (working title). Since I began playing 40K six years ago I have tracked every single game I’ve played. I created a database to track them all in,…

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  • Update: v2.4 – New Feature & Adjustments

    I finally added a feature I’ve been kicking around for a while. Having used Command Center for years I’ve amassed a large list of rosters and managing them has been a chore. So, I’ve added a few feature to make that much easier.

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