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  • Tutorials: Shared Lists

    One of the things I’m aiming to do with Command Center is to create a community. There are other list builders out there but to my knowledge none of them offer a direct community. That’s where Shared Lists comes in. When you create a roster there’s a check box to Share. Once you check that…

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  • List Comments Migration

    I’ve changed how comments are done in lists. In the old site I had to manually insert Disqus but with WordPress the comments can be loaded automatically. As one of the last, maybe the, migrations from the old Command Center site to the new one, the comments on lists are being migrated this morning.

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  • Share URLs Fixed

    What a damn nightmare. I spent days working on trying to figure out why the share URLs were screwed up. I figured it was my code and I had done something stupid. Long story short, it turned out to be a problem with a plugin I had installed. That plugin was causing all the issues…

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  • Tutorial: Unit Autocompleter

    Now that I have this handy blog setup it’s time to get some tutorials going. I’m going to try to cover the more ‘advanced’ aspects of Command Center. I don’t feel there’s anything overly complicated with the program but definitely some stuff that could use some clarification and explanation. With that said, let’s dive in….

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  • Roster Sharing

    Is screwed up right now. Old roster URLs should be fine but any new rosters that are created and set to share will not generate a correct URL. I’ve had to turn off the functions for generating the URL because it was causing memory leaks. Once I figure it out, likely some time on Monday,…

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