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Phase 1 Update is Complete (Hopefully!)


I have (hopefully) completed the first phase of the update for 40K 8th edition.


♦ You will now see a movement stat (M) for units, as well as a keywords field.
♦ At the top of a roster you will choose either points or power level to access the appropriate field on each unit.
♦ Preset sheets will allow you to enter a unit’s point cost and power level. The appropriate value will be used on the auto-completers for the roster.
♦ A damage value (D) has been added to weapons.


With the introduction of a movement value, and the use of a ” in the field (IE: 6″), the quote in the movement field is not behaving very well. So, for the moment I would avoid entering movement like 6″ and instead just enter the numeric value, like 6. This is something I will address over the next few days, but I don’t want it to hold back an otherwise functional update.

Note: The issue with using quotes in unit fields should hopefully be resolved.


♦ I just realized I need to add an abilities field to weapons now since universal special rules have disappeared in 8th. I will work on that for tomorrow hopefully.
♦ Damage charts for units that have them will be coming in Phase 2.


As always, please let me know if you notice any bugs. There was more involved in this update than I had anticipated, so it’s very likely I overlooked something. Also, if you experience any issues, first try clearing your browser’s cache. A lot of core files have been updated that you will have cached from the previous version.



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