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Quick Mobile Update & Seeking Suggestions/Ideas


Progress continues on the redesign to make Command Center mobile friendly. Two steps forward, one step back, so typical programming.

In this process I will be changing stuff around; which I guess is pretty obvious, but I mean more than just aesthetics. Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what I’ve been thinking, and I’d love feedback before I commit these changes.

1) Units will be grouped together. Currently, when you add a unit you get a line-item. If you’re creating a squad: Marines, Sargent, Rhino, then you add a line for each and just keep it together so you know. My plan is to create a squad, and within that squad you add each unit/model. It will allow for more easily grouping things together both visually and mechanically within the roster.

2) I’m thinking of removing the Force Organization Chart (FOC) structure currently in place. Instead of having defined areas on the roster for HQ, Elites, etc., you will select the FOC slot something belongs to when you create the squad mentioned above. This would allow for a more sandbox approach to list creation. Remember, you can drag and drop things still. I also feel it will make things cleaner for those who utilize allies, multiple combined arms detachments, and formations. You would be able to keep those grouped together instead of split apart on the FOC, and then relying on creating dividers to keep things organized.

I’d love to give you all visuals of these items, but most of my work has been behind the scenes, not on the visuals yet. I have, however, worked out the mobile visual to all of this. So, once the framework goes in, things should come together pretty well.

Anyway, this process is going to take some time because I want to do it right. I could have put out a mobile version pretty quickly, but if I’m in here making changes then I may as well go all-in. To that end, if you all have suggestions and ideas then now is the time to throw them out there.

As I said previously, I will be rolling this out in early beta form to the Command Center Patrons, and then later to those who subscribe to the newsletter.



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