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Are You Ready for Mobile Beta Testing?


After a few weeks of closed testing, I’m ready to put it out there to everyone to try, the mobile friendly version of Command Center.

To get access is easy. Just go here: https://cmdctr.net/roster-beta/

I will be working on redoing the tutorials on the site to cover the new version. Meanwhile, here’s a few notes you should be aware of.

Notes & Updates

Make sure you clear your browser cache. I have updated a lot of supporting files that comprise the mobile version, and you need to make sure you have them. Just clear your browser cache and you should be all set. If for some reason things look off, or aren’t functioning as expected, then try clearing your browser cache again. If that doesn’t work then let me know what’s going on.

Once at the beta roster you can load rosters, preset sheets, and create new rosters and preset sheets. In theory, everything should function. I have tried to test everything, but there’s a good chance I missed something. If you encounter any sort of issue, please just comment, and let me know what you found.

Everything now relies on squads instead of single line-items as before. If you load an existing roster, or preset sheet, then everything is going to load under a blank squad. What you will want to do is create a new squad, and then drag the appropriate entries to the squad. Just keep creating squads and dragging stuff into them to reorganize. Then once you save it everything will be good to go.

Note: Dragging squads, and line items, now uses a specific area. Where before you could click on any part and drag, that’s changed so you’ll need to use the triple bars you see on the left of an item. This is to make life easier on a mobile device with a smaller screen where you to scroll the page more.

How presets work is now different as a result as well. Presets are entirely dependent on squads. You will want to update preset sheets to use squads as outline above. Then when entering in a squad name you will get the auto-completer for a squad, and it will then drop in everything from that squad.

While squads will be how you drop most of your stuff in, you can still use preset sheets to create single line items as before. Each item under a squad in a preset sheet will come up in the auto-completer as before.

Things like sharing icons, or ads, may appear on print view or PDF. This won’t happen when things go live, but I haven’t added in the exceptions for those showing up on the beta version of things.

Lastly, you should see (Beta) in the title for both roster and preset sheet. If you don’t see (Beta) in the title then you’re on the wrong page. If you got there from loading something, or some feature of the roster, let me know so I can fix it.

I’m probably forgetting a few other things as well, but that should cover the changes with the biggest impact. There are too many small changes to cover thoroughly, but if you have any questions just shoot me a reply back.


Other than reporting things that aren’t working, which I absolutely want, I would also love feedback. Is there something you’d like to see added? Do you think something should be moved to another location? Are things not looking quite right on a mobile device? I’m always working on the latter, but any and all feedback is welcomed. I want this version of Command Center to be as flawless as I can make it, so please help me out.



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