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Roster Sharing

Is screwed up right now. Old roster URLs should be fine but any new rosters that are created and set to share will not generate a correct URL. I’ve had to turn off the functions for generating the URL because it was causing memory leaks. Once I figure it out, likely some time on Monday, you’ll be able to update any rosters you have with messed up share URLs and it will fix it. That’s the plan at least.



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  • Well, tried a few things and still no luck. As a last resort I can go back to my previous method for the share URLs, all hope is not lost, but I’d prefer to get this working as I intended it. I was hoping a solution would smack me in the face but I’m afraid that’s not happening.

  • I may have found the answer so tomorrow, Monday, I’ll be attempting to get the sharing to work again. Cross your fingers.

  • Things should be back to normal.