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    Some Quick Updates

    Based on some feedback (thanks, Marcus), I’ve made a few small updates. Command Center: Text shows next to a button if you have a large enough resolution (screen size) on rosters. Before it was just the button, which was a bit confusing until you memorized them all. The text will disappear on smaller screens to…

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  • Coming Soon

    Battle Tome: Update Coming

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be updating Battle Tome, the game reporting feature. Right now it’s a bit outdated with regards to Warhammer 40K 7th edition changes. So, I’d like to get it current and if anyone has any suggestions for features regarding Battle Tome then fire away.

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  • Updates in Progress

    I have been working on the next version for Command Center and Battle Tome and there are a lot of big changes that have been put into place. Please keep an eye out for buggy behavior and let me know if you spot anything.

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  • Coming Soon’ish: Site Revamp (Update: 4/2/14)

    I spend so much time programming Command Center and Battle Tome that the site’s appearance is very often neglected. I don’t think it looks terrible but it’s getting dated and there’s a lot I could do to really improve upon the design and layout. The biggest thing I want to implement is a responsive design….

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  • Command Center v3.0.0 & Battle Tome Beta v2.0.0

    The latest updates to Command Center and Battle Tome have been complete for a little while and I have been hammering out the last few bugs with those updates lately. At this point I think it’s safe to say (fingers crossed), that the kinks in these updates are ironed out and Command Center v3.0.0 and…

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  • Command Center: v2.6.0 & Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.6

    The previously mentioned updates are complete. This update addresses allies and some items I’ve wanted to work on for a while but didn’t have the time to do. I’ll be doing some more work on Battle Tome soon to finally polish that off and move it to v1.0.0 and out of beta. Meanwhile, here’s what…

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