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    Mobile Friendly – Feedback Needed

    I have thought a lot about Command Center and its lack of mobile friendliness for years now. The site itself works well enough on a mobile device, but trying to work with rosters is a whole other matter. Though I’ve often considered working on that, I would always come back to the same question, how…

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  • The Value of Command Center – Looking for Feedback

    I created Command Center three years ago. Originally I created it solely for myself and later I mentioned it to a few friends and set them up. About two years ago I did a major overhaul and opened it up to the public. Since then it’s grown substantially in terms of what it features and…

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  • Update: v2.2.2

    I had asked for some feedback on features you’d all like to see and Nick responded with a suggestion. So, this update is mostly putting his suggestion in place and addressing a few other things.

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  • What Would You Like to See in Command Center?

    The title really says it all, what sort of features would you like to see in Command Center? I’m open to hearing any and everything. That being said, there may be some things that I can’t do; namely things that would breach Games Workshop’s intellectual property. That’s a line I have not yet crossed and…

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