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  • PHP

    PHP Update – Keep an Eye Out

    Just a quick note to say that I have updated the server, and in doing so I updated PHP. PHP is the language this site runs on, so if you notice any bugs or issues then please let me know ASAP.

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  • Update & New Features Soon

    A Small Update and a Larger One to Come

    I updated the roster to be more mobile-friendly. I realized the new site theme was messing with it a bit. So, it’s back to full width, letting you see everything again. I also made some other small changes to improve the layout. In the very near future I will be making an update to how…

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  • Design Update

    Design Update in Progress

    As I type, I’m working on updating the site’s design. While I do that things are going to be slow, and likely buggy. Hopefully I can finish this in the next few hours, so please bear with me. Once I’m done, speed will be back to normal, and everything functional. This is also part of…

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  • News

    Command Center is now on Patreon

    This is something I’ve thought about for a long time, and it was finally time to pull the trigger. It’s all explained on the Patreon page, but in short, running Command Center costs me money to pay for the server. I would love to keep Command Center free, and the best way I can think…

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  • Mobile Friendly

    Getting Mobile Friendly

    I’ve decided that I will attempt to make the roster building more mobile friendly, even though nobody responded to the earlier article 🙁 This process will not be fast, so I won’t attempt to give any sort of timeline. The goal is simple though, to allow you all to build rosters while using smaller mobile…

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  • Problem Solved

    Site Layout Issues Fixed

    I hope. I just noticed this morning that there were some site layout issues. Some items were not loading properly and in turn causing some very ugly pages. I have adjusted the caching and seemed to have figured out the problem, however if you continue to notice some pages loading oddly then please let me…

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