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Tutorial: Unit Autocompleter

Now that I have this handy blog setup it’s time to get some tutorials going. I’m going to try to cover the more ‘advanced’ aspects of Command Center. I don’t feel there’s anything overly complicated with the program but definitely some stuff that could use some clarification and explanation. With that said, let’s dive in.

Unlike other army building programs, Command Center does not provide you with unit data already loaded and ready for you to select. Instead, the data that you enter on your own rosters is what builds up the database for your future use. If you never enter a particular unit in a roster then you won’t have access to that unit’s information. However, once you’ve entered in a unit and saved the roster then that unit’s information becomes available for your use in the unit autocompleter.

Let’s assume you have some units saved on various rosters you’ve created. Once you start typing a unit name Command Center will offer you suggestions based on that name from units saved previously. There is a four character minimimum before it offers suggestions, FYI. If you then click on an offered unit then that unit’s name and stat line will be entered. Note, it does not populate over the unit size, cost, wargear or wargear cost. This is intentional. The idea behind the unit autocompleter is to quickly and easily establish the base unit, IE: the basic information, and then you modify it from there.

That’s really all there is to the unit autocompleter. The more rosters you create and the more units you save the more suggestions you’ll be offered by the autocompleter.

Coming soon I’ll cover the elusive preset sheet. The preset sheet is the exception to the unit autocompleter noted above regarding it not populating unit size, cost, etc.



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