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Tutorial: Unit Breakdown & Dividers

I’ve been asked this more than once so I thought a tutorial was in order. I’m talking about how to list out a unit that has additional elements to it like a Command Squad, Platoons or even standard units that have Sergeants or Nobz, etc.

First let me say that there’s no wrong way to do it. Command Center is a sandbox allowing you to organize you stuff however you want. It won’t tell you that you can’t do this or that, it’s completely up to you. That being said I’ll show you some examples of how I do it.

So, here’s a Captain and Command Squad in the format I use for such things.

Unit Breakdown #1So, I first enter a line for the base unit, in this case Command Squad. That line contains the base cost of the unit. Speaking of, the costs I entered here are not accurate and that’s intended. I don’t want GW breathing down my neck 😉 Anyway, and then I enter a line for each Veteran in the Command Squad below that and detail out each Veteran’s wargear and respective costs. Note, I do not enter anything in the num (number), column. The base line, Command Squad, contains the number of Veterans in the squad already. By not entering in a value in the num column it in turn creates an indent of sorts that makes it easier to identify those Veterans as belonging to that Command Squad entry. It’s a bit more apparent when you print it out.

For the sake of examples, here’s another one using the same method for two Tactical Squads.

Unit Breakdown #3

Again, the same sort of thing with a line item for the base unit and then below that the additional entries for the unit. Here you can see a little better how not entering in a value in the num column creates that sort of visual indent.

Now, 6th edition has permitted the use of allies and so I added in a divider feature to Command Center. This gives you a way to visually breakdown what belongs to which army. Using the previous example with the HQ choices, here’s how I would enter in my ally HQ choice.

Unit Breakdown #2You get the visual separation and when you print it the divider name will appear as a row with whatever text you enter. You can omit a name on the divider too and it will just create a blank line to give you some separation. You can use dividers in any way you see fit.

Hopefully that helps some of you out and, as always, if you have questions just fire away.



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