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Tutorials: Preset Sheet

Preset Sheets are great for those of us who have units that we run the same each time we field them. Even if it’s a unit that changes up slightly from roster to roster you’ll still find preset sheets to be invaluable and save you a ton of time.

As explained previously with the unit autocompleters, normally the autocompleter will offer you a suggestion based on a unit previously saved. When you select that unit it will add it in for you but it will not add in the unit size, cost and wargear. As explained in that tutorial, it’s intentional and is intended to serve as a foundation, a template for a unit. Presets, however, offer you everything, including unit size, cost and wargear.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a preset sheet. You’ll find it in the menu below Roster or to the left of the main site under your roster list dropdown. A preset sheet looks and behaves the same as a normal roster sheet. You’ll want to give it a name and I prefer to name them prefixed with the word “Preset” so it’s easy to distinguish in my list of rosters.

Now, it’s time to add a unit. Here’s a test unit I’ve setup.

Preset Sheet: 1

Once you’ve saved the preset sheet then the units you’ve added to it become available in the unit autocompleter. When a preset is offered in the autocompleter it will be prefixed with “Preset”, as seen here:

Preset Sheet: 2If I were to select that preset then the unit would be added with all the information that was provided on that preset entry. You’ll also notice it shows up just as a unit I could select. If I were to select that second entry that does not have the preset prefix then it would add in the unit but without the size, wargear and cost fields, same as normal autocompleter selection.

Using a preset unit like this, as noted above, is great for core units that are usually the same each time you use them. If I always take 5 Plague Marines with 2 meltaguns then that would be a great preset unit.

You can go beyond preset units and also setup preset groups. A preset group is what it sounds like, it’s more than one unit/entry that belongs together. Here’s an example:

Preset Sheet: 3What I have here is my base unit along with their leader and a transport. Notice that below the unit name is a field for group. For each entry that belongs together I give it the same group name. Now, when the unit autocompleter comes up it will show a prefix of preset group when applicable, like this:

Preset Sheet: 4If I select that preset group entry then it will add in each unit/item that belongs to that group. So, by clicking it the unit, leader and transport will all be added at once with all the provided information, no need to add each item individually.

As you can imagine this saves a TON of time. I use it as outlined above most often, to include the unit, leader and transport, but I also use it for units like Command Squads where it’s a single unit but each model is unique. Each model is assigned to the same group so I just select the preset group for Command Squad and all the Veterans are added in at once.

I strongly recommend setting up a preset sheet. I have one setup for each army I play and it honestly saves me a lot of time. It may take some time to get the preset sheet setup but the amount of time it saves you later on is worth it.



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