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Tutorials: Shared Lists

One of the things I’m aiming to do with Command Center is to create a community. There are other list builders out there but to my knowledge none of them offer a direct community. That’s where Shared Lists comes in.

When you create a roster there’s a check box to Share. Once you check that and save your roster the roster becomes viewable to people browsing the site. The most recent appear on the left of the main site and all lists can be found by clicking Shared Lists in the top navigation bar. Additionally, lists can be searched for by using the site search at the top.

The idea is simply to allow the community to offer feedback on your lists. You don’t have to re-type your list somewhere to get feedback on it, just share it here.

The other thing that happens when you share a list is that your list gets its own URL. Once you check share and save then you will be given a URL that you can give to people so they can pull up your list directly.

I encourage everyone to check out the shared lists and help your fellow 40K’ers out.



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