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Auto-completers and Preset Sheets

Auto-completers, and preset sheets, are the most powerful features of Command Center. They make your life easier when you’re building a roster. I’ll go over each feature, and explain their use.


An auto-completer will offer you suggestions when you add a unit or wargear. These suggestions are offered up based on saved information from other rosters, and any preset sheets you have. Selecting the entry will automatically add it, and in turn saving you the typing.

An auto-completer offers two types of suggestions. A preset suggestion will add in everything: number, name, wargear, costs, etc.

The other suggestion is a basic one, and that will only add in the unit’s name and stats. It’s like a template, and you fill in the blanks. The basic suggestion will offer up any unique unit that you have saved based on the name and stats. So, while you may have saved rosters with 50 units of Chaos Space Marines between them, if they all have the same name and stats then only one suggestion will be given.

A unit’s name is the basis for the suggestion. As you start typing a name the auto-completer will appear with matching suggestions.

Suggestions for the Auto-completer

The auto-completer show units saved on a preset sheet first. “Preset” appears at the front. Below that are unique Spawn units I have saved on various rosters. Those are basic suggestions.

Everything previously saved for that unit will be added if I select a “Preset”. However, if I selected any suggestion not prefaced with “Preset”, then only the unit’s name and stats will be added; a basic template.

Weapons & Wargear

Any time you save a profile for a weapon, wargear, or special rule, it will be offered as a suggestion in the unit’s wargear field.

Preset Weapons

You can see that in the weapons section I have added profiles for some weapons. Suggestions will offer these weapons.

When you add wargear to a unit, you want to separate each entry with a comma. The comma distinguishes each item to in turn offer suggestions.

Weapon Auto-completer
The comma separates the Frag & Krak Grenades from Bolter. Having previously saved “Bolter”, it is suggested. If I were to select something from the auto-completer then not only will it add it to the wargear list for the unit, it will also add it into the weapons section of the roster automatically.

All of this is true of the wargear & rules section as well.


Typing a name in the squad name field will also offer suggestions. Only those saved on a preset sheet as offered as suggestions. Selecting a suggestion from the auto-completer for a squad will add in all units within the squad for you.

Preset Sheet

A preset sheet does the heaviest lifting. Effectively, a preset sheet is a master template for your army. Auto-completers will offer everything from a preset sheet. As noted above, a preset will add in everything you’ve saved on it, making it a great way to quickly, and easily, add in entire units with a click.

The way a preset sheet is intended to be used is to pretty much add your entire codex in: each unit, their stats, wargear, costs, etc. That way when you create a roster, you can select that preset and drop in a base squad.

This is also perfect for custom squads and units. Most of us run certain squads in certain ways. A unit may always have certain weapons and upgrades. Saving those special units on a preset sheet, again, lets you drop them into a roster quickly, saving you from having to type it in each time.


Here’s an example of a Chaos Space Marines squad that I call Redemption, as I have it saved on my preset sheet.

Preset Squad

That squad always has that wargear, with a Champion and a Rhino.

The other thing to note here is the use of the semi-colon (:). Left out is anything after the semi-colon. The intent is to let you create unique names for squads and units, so they are easier to distinguish in the suggestions, but not be shown once selected.

In the example above, the squad’s name is “Chaos Space Marines: Redemption”. If I select that from the auto-completer then the squad will drop in as “Chaos Space Marines”. The same is true of the unit entry for “Redemption: Chaos Space Marines”. “Redemption” is the only thing shown.

Again, the idea is to let you distinguish your various squads with various setups, but not include the entire name.

The squad’s name is “Chaos Space Marines”. This makes it easier to read/understand by others. However, I want to distinguish the squad to myself for reading my own roster, so the unit’s name will be Redemption. So, others can read through my roster easily, and I can pick out my unique squads quickly.


The last thing important about preset sheets are the units themselves. The squad referenced above has 3 units added to it: Chaos Space Marines, Aspiring Champion, and Rhino. The auto-completer will suggest these units.

Unit Auto-completer

Selecting the suggestion from the auto-completer adds in the unit as I have it saved.

Unit Selected

In Conclusion

These are the features that will let you very quickly create rosters, especially the preset sheet. Each of my armies has a preset sheet I created. On those preset sheets I add in every unit, weapon, wargear, and special rule. I also add in any special setups for squads and units I use. It takes some time to setup a preset sheet, I won’t lie, but once you have done it then creating new rosters only takes a few minutes.