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Legacy Roster Upgrade Information

With the latest launch of Command Center, which is now mobile friendly, there have been some changes under the hood. These changes will impact any rosters, and preset sheets, that were created prior to the update. I will try to cover the changes, and what you can expect to see when you load up a legacy roster.

It’s All About the Squads

The legacy version of Command Center, which was first built back in 5th edition, relied on you adding units to the force organization (FoC). A unit was effectively a line-item in that FoC.

The new Command Center uses a squad system. You create a squad, and then you add units to a squad. So, instead of units being tied to the FoC, they are tied to a squad. You will pick what FoC the squad belongs to, no worries.

What this means is that when you load a legacy roster, none of the units will be assigned to a squad, seeing as it’s a new feature. Instead, they will be all be assigned into a single squad that has no name.

What you are going to want to do is create squads for the units, and you can then drag the units into their respective squads.

Once you have done that, and saved the roster, you will be as good as new.

That wasn’t too bad, right?

Preset Sheet & Presets

If you were using the preset sheets before then the same information above about squads is relevant here. Additionally, how presets work is a little different, though not drastically. Life did get easier though!


When you create squads on a preset sheet, that squad becomes an preset option you can select when creating rosters. So, you create a squad called Chaos Space Marines, and you assign all your units to it, wargear, etc. When you create a roster later, and you add a squad, you will get an auto-completer for the squad you saved on the preset sheet. If you select that preset squad from the auto-completer, then it will drop in all the units to the squad for you. Nice, right?

Previously, to get multiple units added on a roster required you to create preset groups on the preset sheet. It was tedious, and a bit annoying. Now, just create squads on the preset sheet and everything drops in at once. It’s way easier.


Those units you add to squads are also select-able from the auto-completer. This is basically the exactly same functionality as you were used to. Actually, it is the same functionality.

If you type in a unit’s name, you will get an auto-completer. That will offer you a list of units. The items that begin with Preset will drop in the unit with everything. Things not labeled with Preset will just give you the basics. So, the same as before.

That’s it in a Nutshell

That’s all there is to the update that will impact you, your old rosters, and preset sheets. Nothing should be lost, and everything should be just as you left it.