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Update for 40K 8th Rolls out Monday, June 19th


I am in the process of getting the update ready for Warhammer 40K 8th, so that I can push it out on this coming Monday, June 19th.

The update will come in two phases. The first phase, what I will be doing Monday, will be the quick and easy one. On Monday I will add in the movement stat for units, and add in the damage stat for weapons. Also, I’ll be adding in a keywords field for units.

The second phase, hopefully not long after, will include the new damage tables for units that lose effectiveness when they take damage. I don’t expect the second phase to take overly long to accomplish, but I’m still working out some technicalities at the moment.

On Monday, some time early morning (eastern standard time), the site will go down for maintenance while I roll out the update and test it.

The other part of the update on Monday will also be updating PHP, the language this is all written in. The update to PHP will significantly improve the speed of the site.



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