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Update Goes Live Monday, Sept. 12th


Last month I had optimistically thought I was ready to push out the latest version of Command Center. Well, the reality was that I found a few more bugs that required my attention, and so things got delayed.

Those last bugs are out-of-the-way (I hope), and so on Monday, Sept. 12, I will put live the latest version of Command Center. For those not following, it has some feature changes, most noticeably is that it’s mobile friendly.

Monday morning around 8am EST, I will put the site into maintenance mode. During that time I will switch things live, and generally make sure it’s good to go. Just a heads up.

I have also made it easier to get into the currently beta version, soon to be live version. On the left you will notice links to the beta versions of things, assuming you’re logged in. Feel free to check it out, kick it around, and let me know if you find any bugs please.

Oh, I’ve also been working on getting tutorials in place. Definitely check those out, especially the first one about legacy rosters for all the current users of Command Center.



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