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Update Progress and a Note


I’m very happy to say that things are progressing well with the update for Command Center. I had a few early hurdles, but I got those tackled. It’s relatively smooth sailing from here…I hope. There is still a lot of work to do. Most of what remains is just time-consuming stuff, nothing overly complicated.

Once I get the core code nailed down, I will be moving on to the design elements. I’m aiming to have the updated roster be completely usable by any device. I imagine that part will be an ongoing project, but at least the adjustments will be far easier in the new format I’m creating. Easier? I should say possible at all, as the current roster setup is virtually impossible to make work on small devices.

Lastly, just a note about the update process. When I’m working on the new version, which I’m creating live on this site – just hidden, I have to turn off the site’s caching components, as well as the firewall. The result is that things slow down a lot. So, if you notice the site running particularly slow, and it’s between the hours of about 7am – 5pm EST, odds are it’s me doing my thing. Also, the work I’m doing should not impact the current roster building, but if you notice something then please let me know.



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