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Update: v2.1.0

Overall a collection of small stuff I’ve been picking away at for Command Center.

New Features

  • There is now a List Search on the left of the site and on the Shared Lists page.
  • On the weapons and wargear sections for roster sheets there is now a sorting button. It looks like this:
    but smaller. Clicking that will sort your weapons or wargear alphabetically. That’s just for you ShinyRhino 🙂


  • The drop down that shows your list of existing rosters will now indicate if it’s shared and/or set for review.
  • The list review/share page for your roster will now show when it was last updated. Right of that date will be an edit link if it’s your roster.
  • Clicking Roster in the top menu will now load a new roster sheet just the same as if you clicked New Roster Sheet under it.
  • Rosters that are shared or set for review that have no name will now default to a name of ‘No Name Set’ so you can still click to view the list.
  • The List Review page will now paginate. Meaning, it will show 20 lists at a time with the option to view other pages.

 Bug Fixes

  • The populate button on weapons and wargear should now work correctly regarding things with single or double quotes in their name.
  • Weapons will now save correctly. There was a bug that prevented the weapon strength field from saving. Be sure to double check your rosters, sorry about that! If it makes you feel better, I accidentally deleted my preset sheet for Chaos on accident testing stuff.
  • The buttons below the roster sheet for save, save copy, print view and save PDF should all now work.
  • Code cleanup to remove legacy code no longer needed.

Hopefully that cleans up the last of the major bugs. Let me know if you all find any that I missed.



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