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Update: v2.2.0

Another round of updates. Nothing major, mostly improvements and paving the road for future features.

New Features

* There is now a user profile for everyone. Online users appear on the left of the main site and can be clicked on. When viewed you can see their website and any lists that have been submitted for review. This is the first step, more to come in time.


* Rosters that are set to be shared and/or reviewed will now generate a URL based on the roster name instead of a number. If you later change the name of your roster the old URL will remain unchanged. This is to avoid having links that are not found, IE: you linked your roster on a forum and later changed the name.

All old rosters will continue to use the number method and will continue to work.

* As a result of the above, when you copy a roster it will no longer carry over the share, review or comments settings from the existing roster. This is to give you the chance to name the copied roster before the URL is generated for it.

* Also, with the above change regarding the URL, there is also a change in how your roster is saved. New rosters created will appear the same as you’re used to, however the older rosters will be different. The big thing is when your roster is being viewed by the share URL or from the review area, the title of the roster will be a number instead of “Roster Name by Thor”, for example. However, if you save any existing roster then the title of it will be updated and shown correctly.

Bug Fixes

* Notes on a roster will now appear when you print and save a PDF.




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