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Update: v2.3.0 (Update)

I mentioned last week that I was working on updating Command Center in preperation for Warhammer 40K 6th edition. For now I’m done and things are ready. Like everyone else I’ll have the rulebook in my hands this weekend, hopefully tomorrow, but I won’t have time this weekend for updating Command Center and it will have to wait until next week if anything needs to be done. That being said, the major stuff should be in place and ready and if anything it will be smaller tweaks I need to make.

Anyway, the list of updates.

New Features

* You’ll now notice an Ally drop down at the top of your rosters beside the Army drop down. The ally one works the same as the army one. Meaning, the autocompleters will only offer you suggestions based on the army selected in army, and now also ally. This is more useful to those with multiple armies who don’t want suggestions offered from their other armies. If you don’t care then remember you can just leave army as all and ally as none.

* Now you can create a Divider on your rosters. You’ll notice the D button in each force organization section. The idea with this is you can easily break up your army if you’re using allies or a second force organization chart. The divider can be dragged around like everything else.

When you create a divider you can give it a name or you can just leave it blank. So, I might create a divider and name it Allies and put my allies under it. The divider of course shows up on the print view and PDF copies.

* I have added in the Fortification force organization slot. You’ll notice it near the bottom on your rosters.

* I’ve re-labled a column to include HP for hull points.

Bug Fixes

* The error that was being thrown if using Populate and there was nothing to populate is now fixed.

* Fixed the error if sorting weapons or wargear and there were none in the list.

* The bug with sorting weapons and wargear is fixed. There were some oddities with case sensitivity.

* 6/29/12 – Just fixed a bug with copying rosters throwing an error.



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