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Update: v2.4 – New Feature & Adjustments

I finally added a feature I’ve been kicking around for a while. Having used Command Center for years I’ve amassed a large list of rosters and managing them has been a chore. So, I’ve added a few feature to make that much easier.

New Features

* Under the Roster menu you’ll now see Manage Rosters. This page will list all of your rosters. From here you can do a few things.

View – The name of each roster is a link you can click and that will open up a new window/tab and load that roster. This will easily allow you to check out a roster in case you forgot what it was.

Archive – This new feature will allow you to archive a roster. An archived roster will not show up in your roster dropdown list but can still be viewed if you’ve shared it and reviewed if you’ve opted it for review. Archive also shows up as a checkbox when you’re on a roster as well.

Delete – Pretty self-explanatory; you can quickly delete a lot of rosters at once.


* When you select a weapon or wargear item from the autocompleter when entering in a unit’s wargear it will no longer keep entering in that item if it already exists on your Weapons or Wargear Lists below.

Basically, if you already had a bolter in your Weapon List (at the bottom where all weapons get listed), and you selected bolter from the autocompleter when typing a unit’s wargear then it would add bolter to the Weapon List each time you selected bolter from the autocompleter. So, it will no longer do this for weapons or wargear and you won’t need to clean up anything later.

I started fixing this last Friday and finished it this morning. During that time there was a bug where you couldn’t add a weapon or wargear line item in the respective areas. That bug is now fixed.



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