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Updates: Command Center v3.0.0 & Battle Tome Beta v2.0.0 in Progress (Update: 3/4/14)

I’m in the process of a significant update to both Command Center and Battle Tome. In short, I’m rewriting a lot of code to better leverage the tools available to me within WordPress, the platform this is all built off of. I’ve learned a lot over my years of development in WordPress so it’s time to put that experience to use here.

The end result of this process will be a much faster site. The process itself is going to take some time. My plan is to chip away at it as I have time and to target specific areas one at a time and test them as I go. It’s just far easier than making a lot of significant changes at once and crossing my fingers it all works 🙂

So far I have applied this update to the auto-completers, which are now working much faster than before. I will continue on the Command Center side of things for now, specifically the roster features, and work out from there. As always, if you notice anything not working right then just let me know here.

Update (2/25/14): The update is about 90% complete. The final elements that need an update regard saving data, like rosters, game entries in Battle Tome, etc. I plan to get to that in the next few days. When I do I will put the site into maintenance mode to avoid issues while I’m applying the update.

Update (2/28/14): I noted yesterday that I had done some network updates. The result of that, I noticed this morning, was that Chrome was having a lot of issues with rosters. I’ve reduced the optimizations a bit and it looks like Chrome is squared away now.

Update (3/4/14): The big updates are now done. I have some more code optimizations to tackle and that should likely be squared away this week.



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work, I couldn’t run my armies without this site!

    • I’m glad to help. I use this more than anyone else so I have a vested interest in it 🙂

  • As part of this upgrade process I’ve done some network updates. The speed is significantly better now but please keep an eye out for features being buggy. It’s possible that my optimizations will cause some issues and if they do I’ll dial it back a bit.