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Feedback for Changes Regarding Warhammer 40K 7th Edition


First of all, I’m still alive! I’ve been working a lot on my 40K blog the past few months and unfortunately Command Center has been getting neglected. Now, part of that neglect is my indecision on how to handle 40K 7th in Command Center. Let me explain.

As you’re aware, currently things are setup for 6th edition. When you create a roster you’re asked what army you’re using and what ally. This serves a purpose with regards to the auto-completers for units, weapons and wargear. Meaning, you’re only offered suggestions from the army and/or ally you select. Now, 7th edition has changed all of this and the sky is the limit when it comes to making armies. Armies no longer fit neatly into a defined box and that makes my job harder.

I have two approaches I’m considering here. One, allow you to create detachments. What would happen is you create a detachment and basically it would look like it does now with your FoC slots, army choice, ally choice, etc. You could then add another detachment and that would add another area that has FoC slots and everything. Picture what rosters look like now, that would be a single detachment. Now, picture what it would look like if you added another one of those, or more than one, on the screen below the usual roster. Hopefully you can picture what I’m driving at.

The other approach I’m considering, and honestly this is the FAR easier approach, is leaving things basically as they are now. What would change is the army and ally choice would go away. The roster becomes a free-form thing. That means auto-completers would pull from all your rosters. What you could do, which is what I do, is use the dividers to distinguish detachments, allies, whatever.

I’m curious, and I really would LOVE to get some feedback, as to what you all think? The first option is harder and will take more time but I don’t mind IF it’s what you all would like to see. The second option is easier and I could knock that out when I have a free moment. Alternatively, if you have an idea then I would love to hear it!



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