1500 Necron Army by Hawox

Gauss: D6 Glancing hit 6
Haywire: D6 Glancing 2-5, Pen 6
Monstrous Creatures have the Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless and Smash special rules. Can also fire 2 weapons a turn at same unit
Living Metal: D6 2+ Crew Shaken ignored. 4+ Crew Stunned ignored.
Sweep Attack: When moving over a unit may sweep attack up to 3 hits. Combat speed hit 3+ otherwise 4+. Uses his weapons and strengths. No cover saves.
Symbiotic Repair: If immobilized or weapon destroyed embarked character may take a wound instead unless it's their last wound.
Repair Barge: D6 on 1 wound. Add D3 Necron Warriors within 6D"
Beasts: Fleet and Move Threw Cover
Entropic Strike: Perma negate armor save | D6 4+ perma -1 all armor facings
Fearless: Automatically passed Pinning, Fear, Regroup tests and Moral checks but cannot Go to Ground or use Our Weapons Are Useless.
Swarms: Not slowed by dangerous terrain and double unsaved wounds taken by blasts/templates
Necrodemis: 4+ Invu save. Dead -> D6" Str 4 Ap 1 hits (only roll for wound and save)
Eternal Warrior: Immune to instant death
Immune to Natural Law: Ignores difficult and dangerous terrain while moving
Etheral Interception: Enemy reserve enter, free deep strike immediately (their turn)
Hunters from Hyperspace: (Perma: wound target unit on 2+)
RP: Revive at the end of the phase D6 5+ unless the entire unit is gone
Cleaving Counter-blow: Any misses enemy models make against the unit give +1 attacks (up to a bonus of 6) to Obyrn
The Vanguard's Duty: Does not scatter if Deep Striking with Ghostwalk Mantel 6" from Zahndrekh. If Zahndrekh get's assaulted Obyron instantly stacks into the fight from anywhere on the table.
Adaptive Tactics: Start of turn, give any friendly unit Counter-Attack, Furious Charge, Hit and Run, Night Vision, Stealth and Tank Hunters.
Counter Tactics: Chose any enemy unit is LoS and remove 1 of the rules listed above for one turn. The unit may also not receive the rule from another source.
Phased Reinforcements: Enemy arrives from reserve, immediately Deep Strike any number of units from your reserve that may deep strike.
Fleet: Can re-roll one or more dice when determining run distance and charge range.
Counter-Attack: When charged and not in combat, take a leadership test to give all models +1 attack this turn
Furious Charge: +1 Str for the rest of the turn when the model makes a (non-disordered) charge.
Hit and Run: Leave combat at the end of assault phase with Initiative test. Chose a direction at 3D6 distance not slowed by difficult terrain. No sweeping attacks.
Stealth: + 1 cover save
Tank Hunters: Can reroll glacing hits to get pen hits (but must take the second roll) and rerolls failed armor pen hits against vehicles.

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1500 Necron Army by Hawox
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  • Faith

    Please leave a comment. Have not bought some of the models yet. I most frequently play against tau and space marines.

    • I’d help you out if I knew Necrons 🙁

  • TheBadGuy

    I’d recommend wraiths instead of scarabs, they tend to do better against infantry with high T, plus they get hammer of wrath when they charge, they’re also good for early light transport destruction. Unless you want to scarab farm in which case I would recommend a couple of canoptek spiders. Otherwise this list looks pretty brutal.

  • Kyle Reichert

    I would agree with the wraiths unless you are facing a land raider. I would drop the shard for some lych guard with dispersion shields (they bounce the attacks at an enemy unit within 6″). Put Nemsor in the barge and let Vargard run with the Lytch guard. If the bardge is taken out and Nemsor is charged then Vargard (no matter what) joins that combat. If the lych guard are not in combat then they go with him to that combat. You also need another troops choice for the list to be legal. so the harbinger is out of place at this point unless you put him with the warriors. the ghost arc is pointless with the monolith in the list since it can move them out of its portal. I would suggest making it a doomsday cannon for a strength 9 blast (may be large blast) that has the same range as the broadsides you may face. i would recommend a unit of immortals to get that manditory second troops choice. the have the same statline as a marine but have nastier weapons.