1500 Ultramraines (New codex: 07/09/2013) by Tevank

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1500 Ultramraines (New codex: 07/09/2013) by Tevank
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  • swiftspeed50 .

    Nice to see a new codex list, I’m gonna have to rehash all of mine…
    As for the 10-man tactical squad, flamers are obselete now, no longer free, have a meltagun or something instead, dropping the meltabombs on scouts, scouts don’t need em, if any tank gets close enough then you’ve already lost, because that pred should have taken it out.
    Plus, why do you keep adding 1 unit to each squad? It’s pointless! Spend it on librarian upgrades, for example, terminator armour with a storm shield and force stave, makes him a lot harder to kill and if you roll good for powers, then you don’t need a boltgun, if you don’t then you have a strength 6 weapon, and if you use biomancy there’s a couple of powers that can make it stronger, and give you better stuff overall

    • Tevank

      i know the single unit added is pointless but untill i can sort out money in the RW im stuck with the models i have got:P. although I do have to agree with most of what you are saying.

  • swiftspeed50 .

    Well, you know that 1 extra terminator? Proxy it, as long as it has the right sized base you’re fine, as for other points you have to spend, upgrade the pred with storm bolter or hunter-killer or something

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