1850 CSM for Sunday by Marz

keep rhinos and preds behind cultists and shoot havoc launchers all over. use bikers and maulerfiend to make a hole for abby and chosen to land with dreadclaw, laugh as lightning claws and drach'nyen rip tough stuff apart.

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1850 CSM for Sunday by Marz
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  • Troops are a bit on the light side considering it’s 1,850. A lot of small squads too, which is great if you’re doing Maelstrom and need to maneuver for objectives.

    Curious how this works out for you.

  • Marz

    we’ll be playing maelstrom, usually on terrain-heavy boards. i’ll try to find time to learn your batrep system and report the game. i’ve only just come across you site today, via google search.

    • I love Maelstrom missions. They just make for a more interesting battle.

      Battle Tome is great for tracking your games, but of course I’m biased 🙂 I’m still working on some updates for it to bring it more inline with 7th but it’s still completely usable as-is.