1st shot at Dark Eldar by Antaeus

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1st shot at Dark Eldar by Antaeus
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  • Zewrath

    I like your theme, but with general experience, you would want to consider a few things:

    Raiders: with premeasuring now being legal, night shields is a very good upgrade to boots the survival of your raiders. It won’t do much against range 48″ las-/autocannons, but with careful placing you can prevent normal S4 rapid fire guns to glance your raiders to oblivion. So yeah, solid choice you put there. However, Dark Eldar shooting is very powerful and if you truly wish to use Warriors’s firepower to their full potential, do consider the Splinter Racks upgrade.

    Warriors: Dark Lances is very rarely optimal for Warriors. In 6th edition, when your Raider moves, the troops is counting as having moved and Dark Lance is a heavy weapon. Never skip the blaster option on warriors.

    Trueborn: Try to make 4 x Blaster, but in general; just cram the squad with as many Blasters as possible. Drop the plasma grenades, you will never assault anything with them.

    Grotesques: Oh boy, where to start.. I (and many others) have tried to make these monsters work, but they never want to. They are expensive, they are slow and if not babysitted; they go bonkers. In CC they are surprisingly underwhelming. If you field these, you will generally experience that they are almost never worth their points (and I can see you made them even more expensive with Master Haemonculus).

    Flesh Gauntlet is expensive and is kind of pointless and argueably makes the Grotesque even worse. Consider the following; You fight a model with T3, with your Master Haemonculus Grotesque. You would need 2+ to wound him and he would suffer instant death (S6 vs T3), with Flesh Gauntlets you would need 4+ to wound (poison does not care about toughness) and the target would suffer instant anyway. Very few things you fight will make it worth this upgrade and when Urien is in your unit, who has a 3+ Flesh Gauntlet, when would you ever need this upgrade?

    Wracks are fine, but with consider a Raider for them. 2 templates and a charge = win. But Venoms with Wracks are still decent though.

    Your overall list lacks antiflyer (but then again, that is a general problem with Dark Eldars). Consider a Razorwing Jetfighter or extra Ravagers.

    My personal favourite Dark Eldar unit? Reavers! These models, not only are they badass loking, but they are also the best swiss army knife unit in the codex. They have absurd mobility, Bladevanes (specially with Cluster caltrops) hurts like hell. They can be excellent tank hunters, with Heat Lances or Blasters. They can move –> shoot –> move 2xD6 in assault phase (not when they turbo-boost).

    They are skilled riders, so they laugh at dangerous terrain and can potentially get an awesome 3+ Jink (5+ normal Jink 4+ for Skilled Rider 3+ for Skilled Rider + Turbo-boost). They are T4, they remembered to bring their dagger and pistol, so they have 2 attacks in CC (3 when charging) and have Hammer of Wrath.

    Well, sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this helped a bit. Good luck with your future games!

    – Zewrath.