2000 Chaos Divided by Scondoro

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2000 Chaos Divided by Scondoro
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  • Solid looking list. I’m a huge fan of Berzerkers but I can never get them to work short of a Land Raider. You have much luck with them in Rhinos? I assume the Rhinos are for them?

    Also, no invuln on the Lord?

    • Threllen

      I’m a fan of the god-based troops in the Chaos codex but unfortunately they’re not very strong in the current meta. While they’re not the most cost-effective units, I do love fielding Thousand Sons. 4+ invul, psyker, and AP3 bolters are fun. Unfortunately Khorne Berzerkers are pretty weak in the current meta. Rhinos can be pretty easily destroyed by anything with a S5 or higher gun and there is no more loophole that allows Berzerker’s to charge if your opponent wreck/explodes the Rhino like there was in 5th edition. Now your opponent gets to wreck the Rhino, shoot at the Berzerkers for the rest of the shooting phase, they cannot charge during your turn, and then your opponent gets to shoot them again/run away. It’s just too hard to safely get them into close combat without spending a ton of points on a Land Raider. That being said, it would be a fun list to play even if it wouldnt be super competitive.

      • I love Berzerkers but I agree, it’s just too hard to get them to work in 6th edition. The rest of the god units are all good in their respective role though. Plague Marines are all the rage with competitive players; they’re just a tough unit. Noise Marines are great for anti-infantry with the option for assault and Thousand Sons do what they’ve always done, mow down Marines.

        • Threllen

          I agree. I just finally got some Plague Marines and I’m itching to try them out. They’re some tough sons of guns for troops. I’ve always been a fan of Noise Marines and now I’m even more excited with Crimson Slaughter so I can put a Slaanesh Sorc w/ Balestar with them to give their Sonic Weapons +1 Strength and twin-linked.

  • Silenos

    Soo i see you went with quantity over more points invested in fewer units. Is this a really good approach? Also the axe of blind fury isn’t that a problem in actual battle?

    • The upgrades those units have though are worthwhile. With Chaos it’s very easy to go overboard with upgrades and often the return on investment is lacking. Just picking one or two options often works out far better in my experience.

      The Axe of Blind Fury is a mixed bag for sure. It either destroys entire units or it utterly fails. It’s part of its charm and certainly not for everyone. I use it when I’m feeling brave.