3rd Battalion 8th Marines by Alex Sanchez

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3rd Battalion 8th Marines by Alex Sanchez
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  • JustHippie

    So this is just a list of what you own? Do you actually play 5000pt games?
    Since you can take a Battlewagon as dedicated transport for Nobs or Meganobs(which can be troops via warboss) that works well for an allied detachment. Deffrolla on a battlewagon is really fun.

    What do you play and enjoy more Melee or shooting? What point levels do you play and are you having difficulty with something in particular?

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Yes this is my list. I have played a few 5000 point games. I will try to buy a battlewagon and a new box of nobs so I can have 10. I usually play just standard 6th edition scenarios, my army before I had the ork attachment was more shooty than brawn, so now it is more balanced. I usually play 2500-4000. I have been having difficulty playing against Tau because of their shoot and hide tactics, any other army I usually table them.

      • Chronicle

        I field a smallish Ork army, and I’ve encountered the same problem with Eldar. The best way I would advise in going about it would be to set up a lot of cover and terrain on your side of the table. Then use your deffkoptas as bait; take them along the side of the battlefield and have them shoot at some big expensive unit. Then, as the enemy focuses on that, move the rest of your army up as fast as you can.
        I’m not saying it’s genius, and I’m not saying it’ll work, I’m just saying that if your opponent doesn’t see right through it, then you’ve got a fighting chance.
        Also: This is just me, but I would take a deffdread. For 75pts you have a formidable close combat unit that can take a hell of a lot more punishment than the rest of your army, and for 10 more points you can throw 2 skorchas on there and watch your enemies roast.

        • TheSpaceMarine245

          Sounds good but i am trying to invest into another heavy support for my space marines

      • JustHippie

        Remember you can outflank Deffkoptas since they have scout. Gunlines are tough when you have T-shirt saves.

        Try some Lobbas(Whirlwinds, etc) dropping on their heads, all you really need to do is make them take a Morale check and they’ll run away. If he’s holding them back that far they’ll also run off the board.

  • barsbarsbars

    Hate to be a pill and all but when the sgt of a tac squad is upgraded to sicarius you may not take the 2 heavy weapons unless you take a tenth man. I think its dumb. Btw what special rule do you use cato sicarius for?

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Yeah I played a game yesterday and realized that I still need a sgt so I fixed that. Thanks, and of the top of my head I don’t remember what rule I use. I will get back to you on that.

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