AA- The Young and The Restless V2 by Kamui

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AA- The Young and The Restless V2 by Kamui
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  • This is a list I’m considering for a comped tournament later this month.  The biggest comp penalties are for duplicated units, special characters, and more than three dedicated transports.  Painting scores are also a decent contributor to overall so while this isn’t everything I have painted there is a limit to how much I can change out and finish in time.

    Suggestions are welcome.

  • haha, I like your roster title “Young and The Restless”.

  • 😀

    This list represents an older time when Raemos (my counts-as Bjorn) had only recently been interred in a Dreadnought.  Hence “Raemos the Young.”

    Ulfar was the last of Raemos’ personal guard to be standing when Raemos was struck down.  Ulfar fought his way through the enemy to carry Raemos’ shattered body to safety while some scrap of life remained.  Even though it is through his valor that Raemos could be salvaged Ulfar is haunted by his failure to protect his Wolf Lord and has vowed to expend his final breath in service to Raemos.  Hence “Ulfar the Restless.”

    By the time Raemos reaches Bjorn level abilities Ulfar will have built an extensive personal saga.  His unrelenting sense of honor and loyalty will sustain him beyond his final battle and he will interred in a Dreadnought of his own.  As Ulfar Clanger (my other dread) he’ll continue his service to Raemos. 

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