ANGRY RED TIDE 1850 – TOURNAMENT LIST Copy by anryan99

Primary Detachment CAD: Crimson Slaughter / Allied Detachment: Daemons
This roster was created to fit the 1 CAD, 1 Allied format most tournaments seem to be leaning towards.
Important Tactica:
Bomb Skarbrand for Force Multiplication:
Position Bloodletters (w/ Icon) so that you can deep strike Skarbrand exactly where you want him, right behind your front lines so to utilize his 12" rage/hatred bubble in assault.
Bearers placed in deep strike reserve so to utilize their Instrument to double your chances of getting Skarbrand in from reserves on turn 2.
The JuggerLords go with the Chaos Spawn units.

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ANGRY RED TIDE 1850 – TOURNAMENT LIST Copy by anryan99
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