Primary Detachment CAD: Crimson Slaughter / Allied Detachment: Daemons
This roster was created to fit the 1 CAD, 1 Allied format most tournaments seem to be leaning towards.
Important Tactica:
Bomb Skarbrand for Force Multiplication:
Position Bloodletters (w/ Icon) so that you can deep strike Skarbrand exactly where you want him, right behind your front lines so to utilize his 12" rage/hatred bubble in assault.
Bearers placed in deep strike reserve so to utilize their Instrument to double your chances of getting Skarbrand in from reserves on turn 2.
The JuggerLords go with the Chaos Spawn units.

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  • Looks like a brutal list.

    I’ve run similar lists, those focused entirely on the assault phase, and have had mixed luck with it. I either roll my opponent or get destroyed myself. It definitely will come down to match-ups.

  • Uktena

    Yeah, down to match-ups definitely; and I’ve come to the conclusion that Chaos either has to run these “all in ” assault lists or try Nurgle lists to compete in 7th. Recently I have discussed this topic at my blog, Astra Chaos Wolf.
    When it comes to brass tacks I don’t think this is a tournament winning list but I think this army will be tons of fun and will look really killer on the table. And that is what is important too me.
    What are you running competitively for Chaos in 7th?

    • I wouldn’t consider anything I run competitive. I’m too much a sucker to using stuff I like even if it’s proven ineffective on the table.

      That being said, the last few games I’ve run my Chaos Marines I allied in Daemons and went very assault heavy with a Khorne focus: Kharn, Berzerkers, Hounds, Bloodletters, etc. I either rolled my opponent or got rolled over but fun regardless.

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