Armoured Battle Group by Turner

Company Command Tank: A model with the Company Command tank special Rule may issue a single order each turn, however unlike regular officers an order issued by a model with the Company Command Tank special rule may only target friendly Imperial Guard vehicles of the following types: Leman Russ Battle Tank (including all variants), Thunderer Siege Tank, Salamander Scout Tank, Destroyer Tank Hunters and Hellhound Flame Tank with a range of 24" Unlike the standard procedure for issuing orders, no Leadership test is required for these orders to be used. instead simply nominate a target for the order allowed by the Imperial Guard Orders rule (see page 29 of Codex: Imperial Guard, noting the targeting changes above) and roll a D6, consulting the table that follows.

D6 Reults:
1) Garbled Communication: The order fails and no more orders may be issued by any models in the army this turn.
2-3) Could You Repeat That Sir?: The order has no effect, but both the command vehicles and the target vehicles may continue as normal.
4-5) Orders Received Sir!: The order is successfully received and is resolved immediately.
6) Inspired Tactics: The order is successfully received and is resolved immediately and does not count against the total limit of orders the command vehicle may issue this turn. THe command vehicle may attempt to issue another order up to a maximum of two in each turn.

Note that these orders cannot be issued to a models which have already moved Flat Out, made a shooting attack or have already receivved an order this turn. Nor do they have any effect on non-vehicle units.

Tank Orders:
Concentrate Fire: If the order is successfully issued, select one enemy unit visible to the command tank. The ordered unit immediately shoots at the nominated target, which must re-roll successful cover saves against these attacks.

Erratic Manoeuvres: If the order is successfully issued, assault attacks (including grenades, ect) must re-roll to hit against the subject of the order until the beginning of the owning player's next turn, however the ordered unit may only make Snap Shots with their weapons while this order is in effect.

Full Spead Ahead!: If the order is successfully issued, the ordered unit makes a Flat Out move, moving an Extra D3" in addition to the usual Flat Out distance (roll once for all vehicles in the unit).

Armoured Battle Group Warlord Traits

1) Night Attacker: You can choose to use the Night Fighting rules in your game. If you do there is no need to roll – it is night for the first turn.

2) Disciple of Macharius: Nominate a single friendly vehicle squadron. That squadron gains the Outflank and Acute Senses special rules.

3) Icon of Imperial Glory: Whilst within 12" of the Warlord, friendly units gain the Stubborn special rule.

4) Tip of the Spear: Both the Warlord and all vehicles within 12" of him may add D6" to any Flat Out move they make.

5) Armoured Assault: The Warlord is a scoring unit.

6) Steel Juggernaut: For each vehicle destroyed by your Warlord during Ramming attacks, your army gains a Victory point.

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Armoured Battle Group by Turner
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