Blood Angels Lighting Strike by Ireng

Shadow of the Primarch: Red Thirst on -3
Liturgies of Blood: Confers re-roll to hit; to wound on DC.
Honour of the Chapter: Confers 'Fearless'
Independent character
Fearless: Autopass Fear, Rehroup, Pinning & Morale.
Feel no Pain: Save wound on +5.
Furious Charge: S+1 on Charge.
Relentless: Fire Heavy after move.
Descent of Angels: Re-rolls failed Deep Strike, scatters 1d6.
ATSKNF: Always regroups, can regroup & move, can't be swept, inmune to Fear.
Combat Squads: Can divide in two five-man squads.
The Red Thirst: On a 1 at game start, gains Fearless and F.Charge instead of ATSKNF.
Fleet: re-roll 1d6 from Run or Charge.
NCSMW: Ignores 'Crew shaken' and 'Crew Stunned'.
Scouts: Can redeploy to 6' or 12' before first turn move. Confers 'Outflank'.
Inertial Guidance System: If landing on impassable terrain, reduce distance by minimum to make safe landing.
Drop Pod Assault: 1/2 of units with this rule Deep Strike on owner's first turn.

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