Catachan 7th ‘Jungle Claws’ 1st Company by crootymagic

Officers can issue orders at the start of the shooting phase to units within their command radius that have not yet taken an action. The process follows a strict chain of command with Cmp Cmd Sqds issuing orders first then Plt Cmd Sqds. Can issue orders if not locked in an assault, in transport vehicle, falling back or gone to ground. Orders must be issued before Cmd Sqd shoots or runs. Select sqaud within radius and make a leadership test. If passed orders are understood and carried out by squd who can take no further action this turn. If test is failed, orders are not carried out but both units can still act normally that turn.
If a double 1 is rolled for Ld test then officer can immediately issue another order (with no test). This is a free order and does not count toward the number of orders the officer can give. If a double 6 is rolled then no further orders by any officer can be issued this turn.

Senior Officer
Command radius of 12" and can issue 2 orders per turn.

Look Out -Agghh!
When Cmd Sqd recieves wounds and bodyguards are still alive, then two wounds allocated to the commander can instead be resolved against the bodyguards.

Artillery Bombardment
Counts as a shooting attack and can be made as long as Master of Ordnance did not move in the preceeding movement phae. See Weapons for profile. If a HIT is scored on the Scatter Dice then the shot scatters 2D6 in the direction of the arrow on the HIT symbol. If the dice shows an arrow then it scatters 3D6. If Master of Orednance has line of site then reduce scatter by BS skill.

Telepathic Relay
Add 1 to Reserve Rolls. If unit arrives using Outflank rule then may re-roll dice for deciding what table edge the unit arrives on.

Any character that carries 2 pistols may fire both in the Shooting Phase.

Look Out Sir
When a wound or unsaved wound is allocated to a character a model from the same unit and within 6" can be chosen to take the wound instead on a roll of a 3+. Only one attempt can be made per wound allocated.

Independant Character
Can join a unit by being within coherency. Can leave in Movement phase except when unit is in combat, falling back or gone to ground. They also pass Look Out Sir! tests on a 2+.

Eternal Warrior
Immune to Instant Death.

Units containing one model with this rule automatically pass pinning, fear and regroup tests but cannot Go to Ground and cannot chose to fail a Morale test.

When a unit contains a model with this rule, they ignore any negative Leadership modifiers on Morale and Pinning checks.

Aura of Discipline
Any unit within 6" can use the models Leadership (10) for Morale and Pinning checks as well as for orders issued to the squad.

Inspirational Hero
Yarrick and his unit are Fearless and units within 12" are Stubborn. Also, on any turn when Yarrick and his squad assault they mat re-roll failed to hit dice.

Iron Will
If Yarrick loses his last wound do not remove him but place him on his side. At start of next turn roll a dice. On a 1 or 2 he is removed but on a 3+ he is stood up with 1 wound.

A model attacking with this weapon counts its Initiative as 1 unless it is a Monsterous Creature or a Walker.

If at leat one model in the unit has this rule the squad counts its cover saves as being 1 point better than normal. This means the squad always has a 6+ cover save even it is out in the open.

Righteous Fury
A priest and his unit may re-roll failed to hit rolls on the turn that they assaulted. No effect on Ogryns and Ratlings.

Feel No Pain
When model with rule suffers a wound it can make a Feel No Pain Roll to avoid being wounded (THIS IS NOT A SAVING THROW). Roll each time an unsaved wound is suffered. On a 4 or less the wound is suffered as usual but on a 5 or a 6 the wound is discounted. Cannot be used for wounds that cause Instant Death.

Roll 2D6 for AP in close combat.

Roll and additional D6 for AP at half range or less.

Gets Hot
For each hit roll that is a 1 the model takes 1 wound allowing armour and invulnerable saves. A vehicle suffers a glancing hot on a further roll of 1, 2 or 3.

Roll of a 6 to hit results in a Precision shot. Wounds on a 4+ regardless of Toughness. Pinning and Rending.

If a unit takes an unsaved wound from a Pinning weapon it must take a Pinning test against Leadership. If they fail, they immediately Go to Ground (does not influence other saving rolls).

A to Wound roll of 6 automatically causes a wound and at AP2. Against a vehicle it allows D3 to be added to the AP roll.

Precision Shots
If a character rolls a 6 to hit it is a precision shot. These shots can be allocated to an opposing model of your choice rather than following the normal rules for wound allocation.

Deploys last on battlefield (friend and foe). Can setup anywhere on battlefield as long as 12" away from enemy and not in line of sight. Gives Outflank rule if unit is kept in reserve.

Deep Strike
See page 36 of rulebook.

Special Operations
Chose from 1 of the following to apply to Stormtroopers.
Reconnaissance – Grants Scouts and Move Through Cover rules.
Airborne Assalut – May re-roll scatter dice when they Deep Strike.
Behind Enemy Lines – Grants Infiltrate rule and weapons count as Pinning the first time they are fired.

After both sides have deployed (including Infiltrators) this unit can re-deploy 6" from its current position. Must remain 12" away from enemy and cannot charge on first turn. Cannot embark or disembark as part of re-deployment. Also confers Outflank special rule.

Move Through Cover
Rolls an extra D6 when moving through Difficult terrain and automatically passes Dangerous terrain tests. Has no effect on charge range rolls or Impact tests.

Can re-roll one or more dice when determining Run moves and Charge ranges.

Hit and Run
Can choose to leave combat at the end of the Assault phase if passes an Initiative test. If test is failed nothing happens. If passed roll 3D6 and move that many inches in any direction ignoring difficult terrain but traeting dangerous terrain normally. No sweeping advance rolls are made and the enemy unit immediately Consolidates D6".

Lightning Reflexes
4+ Invulnerable Save

Junior Officer
Command radius of 6" and can issue 1 order per turn.

Summary Execution: If the Commissar's squad fails a Morale test then the Commiissar executes the model in the squad with the highest Leadership. The Morale test is then taken again.

Defensive Grenades
Has Stealth special rule agianst shooting attacks as long as firing squad is within 8" and they have not gone to ground. In addition, assaults against the squad do not gain bonus attacks from charging.

At beginning of game roll a dice on the following table for each Penal Legion Squad;

1-2: Gunslingers – Lasguns are treated as Assault 2 not Rapid Fire
3-4: Psychopaths – have Counter-Attack, Fleet and Furious Charge special rules.
5-6: Knife Fighters – Have an extra close combat weapon (+1 Attack) and have the Rending special rule.

Counter Attack
If the unit is charged take a Leadership test. If passed the unit gains an extra attackuntil the end of the phase.

Furious Charge
Gains +1 Strength on phase the unit assaults.

Can move 12" in the Movement phase. Not slowed by difficult terrain but count it as dangerous terrain. Cavalry fall back and roll 3D6. Have Fleet and Hammer of Wrath special rules.

Hammer of Wrath
When charging an enemy, every model in base contact receives 1 additional attack that hits automatically and is resolved with the models strength at AP -. The attack is resolved during the fight sub-phase at the Initiative 10 stage.

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