Chaos Space Marines by Adam

Deploy Typhus with the two Obliterators, pray my Icon can get close enough to the enemy to be able to call down Typhus reliably otherwise, hope that deep Striking works perfectly without the icon nearby!

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Chaos Space Marines by Adam
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  • Solid Nurgle list but my question is where is Typhus going? If you put him on his own he won’t last long. He can’t ride in Rhinos with the Plagues and he can’t infiltrate with the Chosen. He just really seems out of place here.

    I do see a single icon in the list, so was he intending to arrive off that?

    What I’ve done with him is to put him in a retinue of Terminators. They can either slog across the board and soak up fire or I deep strike them in. It’s worked well for me so far. I’m not a fan of the Chaos Land Raider but that’s of course another deliver option.

  • I was planning on Deep Striking him with two Obliterators as ablative
    armour. It worked pretty well in test games; the icon goes screaming up
    the field, then calls down Typhus and the two Obliterators. It’s an all
    or nothing play, but it lots of fun when it works! 

    • In that case I’d make that a single 3 x Oblit squad. The list is aggressive by nature so I’d go all out.

  • Good point. I was thinking of using the single Obliterator as a suicide bomber … 75 points of destruction in the most insane place possible.
    It would definitely be more practical to drop them as three Obliterators plus Typhus. Should rally wreck somone’s day.

    • I’m all for suicide units but for a ‘few’ more points than a single Oblit you could run a Termicide squad who would likely do the job better through survivability.

      I had never thought about sticking Typhus with Oblits but I could really see it working. It’s an investment for sure but the potential is there.

      • The list is locked in at the moment for a tournament next weekend, but my long term goal is to get some termicide in there. The Obliterator bodyguard is to try and keep the “non eternal warrior” Typhus alive. Without it, he’s screwed. In fact, even with it he’s hard to keep alive, however, I’m going for a bit of a fluff-bunny list.

        • The no eternal warrior for Typhus blows. He can be tricky to use but when used well he’s just an animal. One of my favorite SCs in any codex.

          Best of luck at the tournament!

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