Chaos Space Marines V1.0Beta Copy by Dextradamusz

Still have 152 points to spend. Suggestions?

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Chaos Space Marines V1.0Beta Copy by Dextradamusz
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  • This looks brutal. I’ve faced ‘Zombie’ lists before and it’s just a big grind. The Forgefiends will help a lot in a list like this and 3 x Heldrakes is just rough. Typhus seems almost an afterthought, though I know he isn’t in a list like this, but his retinue (I assume the Termies?), are pretty scarce. You plan to just deep strike in with them?

  • swiftspeed50 .

    I played a game a couple of weeks ago where Typhus had 5 terminators with him, the terminators didn’t last long so before the fist combat against them was over (Against my team-mate with 12 Death Company and Lemartes) he was down to 3 wounds, only reason he survived is because his team-mate had 10 terminators sneak up behind me while I’d been shooting Typhus and his terminators.