Children of light by Septus

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Children of light by Septus
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  • Only having 2 x 5-man squads of scoring units is really low at a 2K level. You’re putting a lot of faith in the rest of the army to cover that weakness. The list is sorely lacking in range anti-vehicle fire. Not sure what your Speeders have but all I’m seeing is 4 hunter killers, which of course are one-shot. I’d get some missiles on at least one Dev squad, maybe drop a second and bulk up the Tactical squads.

  • patsimenz

    o.. a big lack of hard AV, a nice list overall but if your bikes and legion get popped early on (although the Legion deep strikes) if the enemy has a Landraider (which is not too unlikely in a 2000 pts) or any other sort of av 13-14 type vehicle, it will have free reign across the battlefield.

  • emperor’s reject

    i do have to agree with the others there is really a lack of anti tank weapons. there are a lot out there to choose from. hell you dont really have to take a tank take three land speeders with typhoon missile launchers. it dose a lot more damage then people realize.