Compulsary Tau Army by AshkoreWD

Bonding Knife Ritual – gives unit Heroic Morale, so long as all models within unit take Bonding Knife Ritual
Supporting Fire – When enemy unit declares a charge, all friendly units with this rule can choose to fire Overwatch as if they were also targets of the charge
Volley Fire – If Cadre Fireblade and every model in unit remains stationary in Movement phase, pulse rifles and pulse carbines each fire an additional shot in Shooting phase
Point Defence Targeting Relay – Van fire Overwatch with weapons of Strength 5 or less. Also gains Supporting Fire special rule
Automated Repair System – At end of each friendly turn, roll a d6 for each vehicle with this battle system that has suffered an immobilised or Weapon Destroyed result. On roll of a 6, one Immobilised or Weapon Destroyed result of the owning player's choice is repaird and no longer has any effect. Does not restore Hull Points.

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Compulsary Tau Army by AshkoreWD
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