Crimson Slaughter 2015 by Balthasar

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Crimson Slaughter 2015 by Balthasar
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  • The problem I see you running into is the small units: Chosen, Cultists and Raptors. Squads of 10 Cultists can work if you have a big enough threat to pull attention off them but I’m not seeing that here. I think you’re spread too thin and should focus on getting a few sizable units on the board instead.

  • mirmidion43

    Ditch the chosen and pimp out the raptors with more guys. The helbrute is more or less pointless as well, so swap him for a squad of something fast that the chaos lord can join and charge up the field to murder things with. Meanwhile cultists objective camp and the land raider rumbles up carrying terminators, flanked by fast melee options. That setup will work nicely in 1500.