Daemon Mix-1950 by Karios’ Apostle

This is a troop heavy daemon list. It's built to use numbers and the buffs granted by Heralds, with interventions from Fateweaver. This army is not built for use against armies with high amounts of 2+ armor saves.

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Daemon Mix-1950 by Karios’ Apostle
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  • JustHippie

    The biggest problem I see with this list is it is slow. I’d get a faster unit in there, Fiends, Crushers, Hounds, Screamers, any of them can take a Herald nicely and get some pressure off your troops for a turn or 2. Karanak scout move can help out too or a Herald of Slaanesh on Seeker to give outflank to Daemonettes.

    Soul Grinder with Nurgle can’t run so just plan on getting his one Phlegm per turn and snap firing the Harvester cannon. I prefer Slaanesh for Fleet or Tzeentch(reroll saving 1’s) and they still have 5++ and better if you can get some cover on the way in. They are good in Melee so I think you waste that on MoN.

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