Dark Angels Copy by JOHNQ

The above Rooster has been created in order to Cover 3 Points in Mind. 1st, to Represent a "classic" Dark Angels army. 2nd, to be able to meet an all around threat ratio and 3rd to give to it's commander the means to achieve Objective planning and other Victory Points conditions.
More Analytically.
HQ: Made in order to Represent a Close Objective Antitank and CQC options. Cooperating with Tactical Sqd and Scout Sqd. These 3 Units will try to make Objective Bridging.
ELITES: Deathwings: These 2 units are the Objective/Line Brakers that work with the Black Knight unit. All 3 of them provide a double bluff. The one that the BK movement will create to the mind of the enemy player, will they Teleport Home or will they fall elsewere? alltogether giving time for the First Wing to make Objective Take and Hold style.
Finnaly the Vet Sqd is a Sector Connector Unit. What it means? It creates a Central Point of Interest. Possibly a viable Target for the enemy to breach or something he will thing is weak due to its small man strangth. Thats the point, another minor double bluff. Attacking at the center of a Space Marine line is like getting between hammer and anvil, on the other hand ignoring such an important element will allow you to deploy under favorable conditions. Advise: Move them or deploy them into Buildings or good fortifications centerfold.

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