Deathwing (Contemptor & Tartaros) by Ajax

The above army is meant to take advantage of the new Contemptor Pattern Dreads and Tartaros Terminators from Foreworld. This is mainly a 24" shooting army, every squad can perform decently at ranged anti-tank, melee ranged anti-tank, ranged anti-troop, and melee ranged anti-troop… Each squad has their own strength. Deathwing Squads A and B prefer melee, Deathwing Squads C and D prefer ranged. The Dreadnaughts are meant to be fire magnets, although they also provide my main "crowd control" by tying hordes of chaff units (i.e., blob guard or ork boyz) in melee.

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Deathwing (Contemptor & Tartaros) by Ajax
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  • Personally, I’d go all cyclones on the Termies, or at least on two of the three units. You lack mobility and the cyclones will let you reach out and touch someone while on the move far better than the assault cannon.

    That being said, at 1K I still think it’s a solid list.

    • Ajax

      I agree with your assement, Cyclones are normally a better choice over Assault Cannons. However, at this point level I’m a bit hampered… I need to have some kind of ranged anti-tank in each squad and need some sort of “crowd control” as horde armies at this level will dramatically outnumber Deathwing. Plus, I need to fill out my points.

      Strength 6, Heavy 4, Rending is almost as good as a Heavy 3 krak missiles against AV12 or below… and about on par with a frag missile against Toughness 3 targets. As I grow the army into the 2000 and 2500 level, I will probably go with three Cyclone-armed squads and two Assault Cannn squads. At those point levels, AV13 and 14 becomes more common but I’ll still want the dakka for crowd control.

  • I dig it. Two Contemptors to backup the Termies and Belial to top it off. Good mix if weapons to tackle different situations.