Emperor’s Children by ravener

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Emperor’s Children by ravener
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  • I assume the Lord goes with the Possessed? The only thing that sucks about that is you won’t be able to utilize that high initiative for sweeping with the Lord in terminator armor. Still though, it’s a good looking list.

  • GreyChaos

    Is it safe to assume this is a 750 list? If so, I would advise taking a
    power fist or chain fist in lieu of a second lightning claw. This will
    allow you to still have a bonus attack due to specialist weapon rules,
    and also gives you the option to crush vehicles or other sturdy models
    that could easily shrug off lightning claw attacks.

    Secondly I’ve
    noticed you’ve listed 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster for your Noise
    Marine squads. If the squad is only 6 men than you need to drop one of
    your sound weapons. The Champion is limited to a Doom Siren (which
    you’ve purchased) and cannot carry a Sonic Blaster or Blastmaster. So you can free up a few points by dropping the extra weapon.

    As Thor said, you can drop terminator armour and give the Lord something extra, like a Sigil of Corruption.