Enslaved Orks by Alex Sanchez

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Enslaved Orks by Alex Sanchez
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  • Don’t forget if you have a Warboss then those Nobz become troops instead of elites.

    You seem to be wasting points on the Looted Wagon. You gave it a boomgun but then also gave it a stikkbomb chukka. The stikkbomb chukka only benefits a unit when they charge out of the vehicle and with a boomgun on the Wagon it has no transport capacity. Also, all the other weapons are mostly wasted. I’d take one extra weapon in case of a weapon destroyed result but that’s it. Remember, the boomgun is ordnance and so you can only snapfire the rest of the weapons. It’s not a huge deal with Ork BS being what it is but it does make that skorcha worthless if you’re firing the boomgun. The points you shave off there I’d invest in a few more Boyz for that squad.

    Also, personal opinion, but having 3 buzzsaws is overkill. I generally only have 1 buzzsaw, 2 I could see but 3 is too costly for what they’ll accomplish with them. I’d also recommend bosspoles, at least for the Boyz and give the Warboss one for the Nobz.

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Ok. So I should get rid of the stikkbomb chukka on the looted wagon and one of the Rokkit Launchas, add bosspoles on the boyz and warboss and move the nobz too a troop choice, and remove one of the buzzsaws.

  • Scondoro

    Another important thing to consider is the army you actually intend to run with these orks. I run allied orks with my necron frequently, but would never field Deffkoptas personally because for those points and that FOC slot I could optimize my orks by taking Stormboyz, and replacing those Deffkoptas with necron Destroyers or Tomb Blades, or something. Let the orks do solely what they do best: either mass shooty, or mass choppy. If you want to split their focus you’re better off taking a full army of orks.

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Alright I will take that into consideration. Much appreciated.