Fast & Loud Chaos – 1500 by Hugo B.

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Fast & Loud Chaos – 1500 by Hugo B.
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  • You’ve gone all out I see. I would honestly be concerned about overspending but I assume you’re going more for theme?

    For example, buying units close combat weapons adds up quick and often the return isn’t worth it. Putting a plasma pistol and power fist on a Champion is risky with Chaos having to issue and accept challenges. Marking Cultists isn’t usually a great investment and then adding the lascannon to the Defiler is pricey.

    Nothing wrong with your choices, it’s just that they all add up to a lot of points that could go into adding in units and putting more bodies on the table. If you’re doing a themed thing then that’s cool, seems like a pretty solid list.

    • Hugobo1

      thanks for the advice, I am trying to work around some new noise marines and raptors I have added to my army as they seemed they needed more troops in their squads. But your right with the spending, I think I’ll take out the lascannons and ccw and see if I can add some bikers. Thanks Thor.

      • It’s easy to spend a ton of points on upgrades and wargear with Chaos; it just adds up quick.

        Bikers would be a great addition. I really like running Bikers with the Mark of Slaanesh and Icon of Excess for a really tough unit.