First Crack at Space Marines by Mitch

The LR will carry the Terminators and Capitan to take out priority targets.
The two rhinos will be used to transport the tactical squads to objectives or to cover.
The assault squad will advance and tie up enemy troops.
The Attack Bikes are used to bust tanks and transports.
The two predators will stay back and target enemy tanks.
The dreadnought will be used as anti infantry.

Please let me know what y'all think of the list and tactics.

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First Crack at Space Marines by Mitch
What do you think of the list?

  • Ryuk

    only few small problems there can only be one tactical Squad with Sgt. Haas in it, assult squad cant hav sgt.Haas total points are 2073 not 1998

    • What do you mean there can only be one squad with a Sgt? Is this something special like for a campaign or something?

    • Cpt_Forax

      I think he’s confusing the word “has”. Sgt has (with) etc and a character called Sgt. Haas. Although there is no such character…

  • Drackon654

    The list overall is good but I think you’re a little heavy handed in some areas. Specifically with two las-preds. However, I have a few recommendations that may help. First, a captain is really only a bit better than regular marine, if you take a captain, you should try taking a command squad as well. He also has a lot of wargear that he probably doesn’t need. You should consider switching him out for a Librarian or a Chaplain with a Jump pack to go with your Assault squad. Could be way more effective overall. Second, you don’t need extra armor on the dread. Since it’s shooty, being able to move and not fire is not that great, so you’re probably wasting points there. If the dread had a power fist, it would be worth it as you could still possibly assault. Lastly, you should split up the attack bike squad. Put the heavy bolter bikes in one and the melta in the other. Those weapons are for different tasks and one type is wasted when they all have to fire at the same target. Like 6 HB shots are wasted if you’re shooting at a LandRaider. Anyway, I hope this helps.

    • Drackon654

      *Move and only snapshot*. Should have put that in, was still thinking in terms of 5th Edition.

  • TheRhino

    This smells like a list built with models you own, and not an ideal build, yes?
    Here are a few minor tweaks you might consider:
    Drop extra armor from the Dread. The only time it will be of use this edition is if you take a penetrating hit and your opponent rolls (or modifies a roll to) 3. It’s simply too expensive for what it does now.
    Considerpicking up at least Flamers for your Tactical Squads. They’re free at 10-men, and will typically produce more damage than a bolter.
    Split the attack bikes into two squadrons by weaponry, for the reasons mentioned by previous commenters.
    Drop Extra armor from the PRedators, for the same reason as the Dread.
    Dropping all that extra armor will give you 45 points to play with to either buy special weapons for the tactical squads or the assault squad, or both.

  • patsimenz

    @6a4c9930ce15da8f9f9d3b12514f6952:disqus I kind of like the captain with the artificer armour, definately agree with you on all the extra armour stuff, if you drop all those you`ll get 45 pts back, it could be spent on a bike for your captain to go with the bikes and to purchase better special weapons for your tacs. I like the captain because artificer makes him a beast of a unit against heroes, (mostly being because power weapons are only ap3 now…). I also feel that you have invested a lot on those predators, I say drop those side lascannons (60 pts each!) and replace em with heavy bolters that are only 25 and replace your tacs missile launchers with multi meltas and buy extra melta guns to make up for the loss of av. But overall it will give you around an extra 100 points to spend.